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Quick Guiding Steps

    This Online Recruitment and Selection system has been developed by the Public Service Commission as a platform to enable job applicants apply for various advertised vacancies in the Public Service. Unlike the previous version, the current version has been improved to ensure that applicant can revisit the application more than once. Once you are logged into the system by specifying your ID Number/Passport and password, select the advert whose details you would like to edit as long as the advert closure date is not yet. In addition, it will be worthy to note the following:


a) The preferred Internet Browser for this system is Mozilla Firefox

b) All first time users of this new version of the Online Recruitment and Selection system are required to register by initially providing ID / Passport No., Surname, Email Address (for future correspondence) and Creating a password for subsequently accessing the sytem.

c) To apply for any advertised job, log into the system using the ID / Passport No and the Password created in (b) above.

d) Applicant MUST ensure that all details pertaining to Personal Details, Qualifications, Experiences, Registration, Other Courses, Referees and Other Details are provided before Submitting the application.

e) ONLY applications which are fully filled and submitted will be considered.

f) Upon successful job application, applicants are advised to print and keep a copy of the Feedback Report (application summary) by clicking on the Report tab or Application Summary link on the Application Menu.

g) The Online Recruitment and Selection system allows applicants revisit their application(s) at any time BEFORE the Advert Closure Date.


Resetting of Passwords

Only users who have explicitly registered using this NEW system are able to reset their passwords. Users who had registered in the previous version of this system are hereby required to register afresh by providing ID / Passport No., Surname, Email Address  and Creating a password. In event that you forget the password all what is required for you is to click "Forget Password" link and provide the exact email you had used to register. A link will be send to your email address you used. 


NB: The system administrator does not reset users passwords.




Any user of this system is expected to provide correct information. Submission of wrong information may lead to prosecution.


     For enquiries, send an email to:





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